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Small group bible study has been an important aspect of the Methodist Church since its inception. "The Holy Club" was John Wesley's covenant group. This group would meet regularly at Oxford and discuss a variety of things. The group became close-knit, and would help lift other members up in times of need.

At Ebensburg UMC, we aspire to do the same in our churches. For this reason, we have instituted a small group bible study program that we call cell groups. Generally, our groups have around 5-10 people that will meet for about one hour. The groups spend time in worship, prayer, bible study, and reflection. They can become a great source of encouragement and growth for you in your faith journey.

The cell groups are designed to be respectful of one's time and one's opinion. They are scheduled to start at a certain time and to end at a certain time. If the group doesn't make it all the way through the study for that evening, it's okay! Additionally, like Vegas, what is said in cell group stays in cell group. The cell group can be a time of deep discussion and this policy allows you to be comfortable in sharing some of your innermost thoughts.

The groups discuss the scripture on which Pastor JR preaches on, not the sermon.

If you are interested you can check out a sample covenant by which a group sets up their meeting times and agrees to hold each other up.

Sample curriculum is provided here.

If this is something that you would like to be part of, contact us by clicking here.

We have a list of cell groups held through our church listed here.

For established Cell Group Leaders, click here for access to the cell group portal.